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The newly released poster for the Evil Dead remake has been causing a stir with its unambiguous claim, splashed boldly across it. ‘The most terrifying film you will ever experience’, it claims. So no pressure there. You suspect it could become a bit of an albatross around its neck – after all, who will now turn round and say that it was terrifying after seeing it?

Of course, this could be a sly reference to the original film’s no less ostentatious (and incorrect) claim to be ‘the ultimate experience in gruelling horror’ (The Evil Dead was many things, but gruelling? No way!), in which case, well done to all involved.

Still, the new remake, if the trailer is anything to go by, looks like a brutal, gore, intense and serious shocker, and I’m all for that. The original Evil Dead trilogy wound up taking comedy as far as you could (from black humour to outright slapstick) and so a new approach seems sensible. Too many remakes simply ape the style of the original, and if this does eschew the comedy in favour of intense horror, all the better for an original experience.



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