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Frankenstein and the Minster from Hell comp



Infamous Japanese gorefest Guinea Pig set for US remake!
Selling classical music via K-pop twerking
The Dreams That Money Can Buy - new pop culture photo blog from Strange Things Are Happening editor
Last chance to join the crowdfunding campaign for Orion - The Man Who Would Be King
Bunny Game director returns with 'hardcore' western
Babymetal to play Sonisphere
Sheer Filth and Video Nasties launch night in pictures

Monty Python release 'The Silly Walks Song'

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson documentary 'Filmed in Supermarionation' announced
Harry Novak RIP
New music from The Wands, Velour Modular, God Damn and Falls
Short film 'The Cold Eyes of Death' pays tribute to Italian horror
Alain Renais RIP
New music from Babymetal, In the Valley Below and Horse Party
Gender horror in new short film 'Like a Doll'

Old Angel Poster
Citizen Kane

Internet Censored

DAVID FLINT: Hags, Slags and the limits of offence
We should be able to boycott, to protest, to condemn and to complain. We should all be able to criticise those who do things we find offensive. But we should not be able to use the law to stop them from doing it.

GAVIN BADDELEY: This is why I don't read your film reviews
Watching the plot unfold is part of the pleasure of watching a film, and it doesn’t just happen at the end.

DAVID FLINT: BBFC release new guidelines for 2014 - tinkering at the edges and pandering to the paranoid
One could easily imagine the Board are allowing the vocal but irrational opinions of the minority to hold sway, in search of an easy life – censoring and classifying according to the delusions of the most censorial.

DAVID FLINT: David Cameron's mental block
BT have published a list of categories that will be blocked. This caused an understandable firestorm when it revealed that one option was to block 'sex education', which included such child-corrupting things as "respect for a partner" and (of course) LGBT sites.


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